Mega64 Podcast #447 Link Dump

Podcast | Aftershow

Cast: Rocco BotteShawn ChatfieldGarrett HunterFrank Howley
Crew: Eric BaudourBryan Abou Chacra

0:00 – Garrett finishes his Splatoon game/Rocco’s debuts the Gold Zeo Ranger Communicator
3:16 – THEME SONG ( Power Rangers Zeo Main Theme )
3:47 – Welcome to the Most Explosive (WOO), Most Exciting (WOO), Most Engaging (WOO) Podcast….ever!
4:23 – Shawn talks Metallica in San Diego/Seeing bands live before they retire/Paul McCartney
9:49 – Splatoon 2 Controversy: Team Mayo vs. Team Ketchup results SCANDAL/Mega64 talk Splatoon 2
19:51 – Rocco talks Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3 English VR Update
23:23 – Eric’s ‘technical’ question
25:34 – Shawn’s Sleeping Problem

Podcast Question of the Week [Splatfest Edition]: Would you rather ‘find a drink out in the middle of the road and take a chance?’ OR ‘eat a croissant knowing there’s bugs in it?’ Email with your answer OR send a tweet to Mega64 with either #yadrankshit or #yaatebugs

31:50 – Sponsors ( Viewers like YOU and Mega64 PatreonShop Mega64 )
32:20 – Rocco’s favorite newsclip

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34:36 – Check out the Mega64 Podcast Live on Twitch Sunday nights at 6pm. Subscribe through Twitch or through Amazon Prime
35:30 – Mega64 Gamedays 2017 Update!
37:41 – Mega64 Patreon
38:00 – New FRIENDIMENSION: RWBY Grimm Eclipse!
38:20 – Mega64 talk episode 8 of ‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3
39:20 – FIG Revolution
43:20 – Rocco talks ‘John Wick 2’
45:40 – Frank talks ‘Detroit’
47:44 – ‘What’s the most upset you’ve been during a movie?’/‘Punch Drunk Love’/‘Gravity’/‘Dunkirk’/‘Gone Girl’/‘Inception’/‘The Cove’
49:36 – ????
51:08 – Garrett and Frank talk ‘Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills’
53:15 – Shawn talks The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
53:39 – Rocco and The ‘Super Size Me’ Effect
54:39 – ‘What movie has the best ending?’/‘The Lion King’/‘The Dark Knight’/‘Children of Men’/‘2001: A Space Odyssey’/‘Inception’/‘The Prestige’/‘Beneath the Planet of the Apes’/‘Fist of the North Star’
57:54 – Mega64 talk ‘Eyes Wide Shut’
1:01:26 – ‘Mega64: MARIO ODYSSEY Behind the Scenes’ – Mega64 Video Talk!
1:04:19 – Rocco’s Redemption
1:07:06 – Rocco hits with some ‘Hollywood Truth’

Podcast Question of the Week: ‘Who should we collab with?’ Email with your answer.

1:08:40 – Odd Catchphrases/‘It’s Poop Again!?’
1:10:06 – Mega64’s upcoming appearances update
– Crunchyroll Expo 2017 August 25-27th: More info to come!
– PAX West 2017 Sept. 1-4th: More info to come!
1:10:47 – Regarding Kevin, Curtdogg, and Octopimp
1:14:28 – Team Mayo vs. Team Ketchup Redux
1:15:41 – Shawn’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Mega64 PO BOX 713090 Santee, CA 92072




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