Mega64 Podcast #446 Link Dump

Podcast | Aftershow

Cast: Rocco BotteDerrick AcostaShawn ChatfieldGarrett HunterFrank Howley
Crew: Eric BaudourBryan Abou Chacra

0:00 – Sponsors (Viewers like YOU and Mega64 Patreon/Things you should support on Kickstarter/”Eat my ass with a (silver) spoon”
1:36 – THEME SONG ( One Direction – Live While We Were Young )
2:05 – The Mega64 Podcast: The #1 Video Game Podcast (on the internet) and certified Greatest Podcast of Any Genre/Intros!
5:48 – Derrick talks the ‘Comic Con Blackface’ Video

Podcast Question of the Week: ‘How valuable is the word of Whoopi?’ Email with your answer.

7:40 – Rocco talks Whoopi’s interview at D23/Mega64 discuss ‘Song of the South’
9:16 – Derrick’s Observation
9:56 – Mega64 and Make-Up 11:22/‘Game of Thrones’/Pim and Francie/Power Rangers Gold Zeo Ranger Communicator
25:31 – Derrick talks Friday the 13th The Game/Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!/The Silver Case
30:57 – Mega64 review and discuss Splatoon 2/
37:04 – Shawn talks 1-2-Switch
38:29 – Mega64 talks why consoles should always come with one game
40:12 – Rocco talks VR/Super Hot VR/Summer Lesson
44:25 – Sponsors ( Viewers like YOU and (Mega64 Patreon]( )
44:42 – Patreon Box Announcements!

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46:07 – Shop Mega64

Neuro Shirt and Psychedelic 64 Shirt now available online! Get em before they’re gone!

48:20 – ‘The Wii U Classic’ – Mega64 Video talk!
56:13 – Rocco gives out an industry secret…
58:35 – Mega64 takes a moment to reflect
1:00:52 – New FRIENDIMESION: Rocket League!/Mega64 talk Rocket League
1:02:50 – Shawn talks Louis Theroux ‘My Scientology Movie’
1:03:33 – Mega64 talk Dunki-PSYCHE-‘Emoji Movie’ BONUS: Rotten Tomatoes
1:10:01 – Response to last week’s Podcast Question: What is your favorite ‘Comfort Game?’/RollerCoaster Tycoon/Resident Evil 4/No Man’s Sky/Yoshi’s Island/Punch-Out!!/Rez)/Grand Theft Auto
1:13:02 – Rocco’s hope for ‘IT’/Critic’s review!
1:13:25 – SPOILER WARNING: Mega64 review ‘Dunkirk’
1:20:12 – Rocco’s summary of Dunkirk
1:22:13 – Good night 🙂

Mega64 PO BOX 713090 Santee, CA 92072


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