Mega64 Podcast #445 Link Dump

Podcast | Aftershow

Cast: Derrick AcostaShawn ChatfieldGarrett Hunter
Crew: Eric BaudourKevin Bushong

0:00 – ROCCO FREE PODCAST, Now and forever more???
1:28 – THEME SONG ( Silverchair – Freak )
1:58 – Team Coco or Team Leno?/Derrick’s new look
3:55 – Mega64 @ San Diego Comic Con 2017; July 19-23 Booth #1435
– “Mega64 Panel of Justice Effective Immediately” is Friday, July 21 at 8PM in Room 25ABC
5:38 – Derrick’s ‘John Waters Mustache Experience’/Gangster or Molester?
9:16 – Mega64’s RTX Experience/Jordan Cwierz and Voodoo Donuts
12:25 – Rocco and the Doughnut
15:28 – Derrick and Shawn’s Creepy RTX Superfan Experience
17:09 – Garrett’s Good Experience
20:39 – ‘Mega64: SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY‘ Video talk!
29:18 – ‘YOU DON’T HAVE THE AUTHORITY’ -Shawn Chatfield
29:28 – New Con Exclusive merch!

Comic Con 2017 Exclusive ‘Mega64 Watchmen-style poster

Podcast Challenge of the Week: Miranda from GAMEGURLZ x Derrick’s Batman fanart. Email with your artwork… ‘NSFW is fine by me. Get weird with it.’ – Derrick Acosta…

32:21 – GAMEDAYS 2017 Information/Shop Mega64
34:03 – More Convention Stories (AX/RTX)/’Anime Trash Swag
Mega64 AnimeTrashSwag Collab Shirt + SWEATER VARIANT available on StoreEnvy
37:21 – Sponsors ( Viewers like you )
37:38 – Mega64 Patreon/New FRIENDIMENSION soon!
38:13 – Mega64 Patreon Box/New Box soon!
39:35 – Mega64 Patreon Telethon? Possibly!/Mega64 Book info
40:46 – Mega64 Version 4 Update
44:23 – Video Game talk!/’Splatoon 2‘/’Breath of the Wild‘/Nintendo Switch on a Plane!?/’Tekken 7‘/’Star Trek Bridge Crew‘/’Crypt of the Necrodancer
46:49 – Old Games that you still love playing/’Roller Coaster Tycoon‘/’Age of Empires II‘/’Resident Evil‘/’Donkey Kong Country‘/’Quake

Podcast Question of the Week: What’s an Old Video Game that you still play to this day? Email with your answer.

47:58 – Derrick’s ‘AcostaLand’ in Roller Coaster Tycoon
49:00 – Star Wars Land Discussion/Star Wars Themed Hotel??
51:55 – Mega64 and what annoys them/’Crowds ruin everything’
57:43 – Baby Driver Discussion/ Focus – Hocus Pocus
1:00:32 – Garrett reviews ‘War for the Planet of the Apes‘/Apes Franchise Discussion
1:03:39 – Garrett discusses ‘Kidnap‘ trailer (Trailer)/’Spiderman: Homecoming
1:05:23 – Derrick’s Crime Movie
1:06:48 – Derrick’s Planet of the Apes Movie
1:08:46 – Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios Discussion/New Age Film-making/’District 9‘/’Chappi
1:11:48 – Ready Player One‘ Discussion/’Straw Dogs‘/’The Hills Have Eyes‘/’Dawn of the Dead 2004‘/’Dawn of the Dead 1978‘/’Day of the Dead‘/’Night of the Living Dead 1990‘/’Night of the Living Dead 1968
1:19:46 – George Romero’s death Discussion
1:20:45 – Horror films vs. Regular Films/’It Follows
1:22:38 – Mega64 Sign off!

Mega64 PO BOX 713090 Santee, CA 92072


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