Mega64 Podcast #443 Link Dump


Cast: Rocco BotteDerrick AcostaShawn ChatfieldFrank Howley
Crew: ???

0:00 – Mega64 Live on-location at “Lake Murray”/ ‘Whose Shawn Chatfield, and who wore it best?’ Email your answer and freeze frame to
2:34 – Mega64 Unplugged (No Theme Song)
2:53 – E3 Recap (E3 2017 Microsoft Keynote Pre-discussionE3 2017 Microsoft Keynote Post DiscussionE3 2017 Sony Keynote Discussion)
3:34 – Thoughts on Nintendo Keynote (No official keynote release)/‘Metroid 4’/‘Samus Returns for 3DS’
4:00 – Thoughts on Sony Keynote (No official keynote release)/‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’/‘Shadow of the Colossus Remake’/‘SPIDERMAN’/‘God of War’
7:27 – Thoughts on Microsoft E3 Keynote/‘Xbox One X’/‘Crackdown 3’/‘Minecraft 4k’
9:45 – Rocco and Frank’s E3 Showfloor experience/‘Super Mario Odyssey’/Rocco and Frank’s review of ‘Dragonball Fighter Z’ and Rocco’s Live reaction
13:13 – Xbox One Backwards Compatibility/‘Everybody’s Golf’)/‘Cuphead’
14:20 – Nintendo’s new Poke’mon game headed for Nintendo Switch
14:45 – Shawn review ‘ARMS’)/ARMS E3 Tournament FINAL BOSS
16:53 – Frank reviews Tekken 7
17:52 – (NSFW)The closest naked Rocco has seen/‘Oneechanbara’
18:55 – Nudity in Video Games/God of War sex scene controversy
21:00 – Going back to Tekken with Rocco and Derrick
22:50 – Final thoughts on E3 2017
23:24 – Mega64’s thoughts on the current state of Video Games/‘Tacoma’/Western Video games emulating Modern Hollywood films

Podcast Question of the Week: ‘What was the greatest Era for Video Games? Are we in the greatest era right now?’ Email with your answer

30:09 – Mega64 talks TV (‘Silicon Valley’‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3‘The Handmaid’s Tale’‘Game of Thrones’)
32:07 – Shawn reviews ‘The Leftovers’ No Spoilers/Leftovers vs. Lost
34:26 – Derrick reviews ‘It Comes at Night’ MAJOR SPOILERS/Point Counterpoint on ‘It Comes at Night’ feat. Derrick vs. Frank/ ‘The Invitation’

2nd Podcast Question of the Week: ‘Did you see ‘It Comes at Night’? What did you think? Who do you side with: Frank or Derrick?’ Email with your answer

39:09 – How James Cameron tweaks the format to make his films more interesting (‘Titanic’‘Avatar’)
40:18 – Derrick’s final thoughts on ‘It Comes at Night’
41:57 – Derrick reviews ‘The Belko Experiment’/‘Free Fire’
43:41 – Puyo Puyo Tetris and Bomberman R New FRIENDIMENSION Episode
44:07 – Sponsors (Kickapoo TwitterShop Mega64)
44:25 – Mega64 Anime Expo Panel CONFIRMATION! JULY 4th @ 3pm in LP 1 (aka THE BIG ROOM)/Mega64 will also be attending RTX! More convention information listed at
44:42 – Check out the Mega64 Archive Channel!/Check out the Mega64 Summer Convention Keynote for Merch and Con info
44:57 – Go to a museum, read a book, paint a painting, avoid Yosemite

Mega64 PO BOX 713090 Santee, CA 92072


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